Data protection

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Thank you for using our app. We take data protection very seriously. That’s why we’re happy to explain how the app handles your data.

We do not collect user data. The app does not transmit personal data to us or third parties.

The app stores data that is necessary for the function of the app in the internal memory of the device on which it is running. The scope and detail of all entries is up to you. The operating system of the device prevents this data from being accessed by other apps or externally by normal means. This data will be deleted by the operating system when you uninstall the app.

Note on backups: If backups are created, they are usually created in a storage area that is not connected to the app and that can be accessed from outside. This is necessary so that you can copy the backups to a backup medium of your choice. Therefore, when you uninstall the app, the backups can not be deleted automatically, but must be deleted by you if necessary.

If you have questions about data protection, please write us an e-mail or contact our data protection officer Jörg Herrmann (